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Karissa Long

Global Health Coach & Ketogenic Expert For Women

As a corporate executive focused on my career and always striving for the next promotion, I admittedly neglected my health. I was in a constant state of stress, I was always tired and I felt like I was living in a mental fog.

Sound familiar? I am sure you can relate.

I survived off of multiple cups of coffee, pre-packaged granola bars, and of course the convenience of fast food and takeout. I was always trying out the latest diets in a hope that I could shed excess pounds and get healthier.  Every diet I tried would last a few days and then I would find myself back into my old habits.

Then one day, my body said enough is enough in the form of being diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis. My only hope at the time was to take medication in an attempt to manage the awful symptoms. For years, I took these prescription drugs but still experienced flare-ups. I was nervous that I was going to need surgery to remove a section of my colon and I was in a very dark place. During this time, the most frustrating part was that my doctor could not explain what was causing my issues. I felt helpless and scared.

That is when I got serious about my health…

I decided that I was going to take my health into my own hands, so I took it upon myself to get INFORMED! I read tons of medical books, attended health seminars, and poured through research studies. I finally came to the conclusion that the root cause of my disease was most likely my diet. I slowly started to transition to a grain-free diet and my symptoms began to improve. I would still have flare ups, but they were less frequent. Then by chance, I stumbled across an article detailing the ketogenic diet and that is where my life changed forever! My initial reaction was—so you are telling me that you eat 75% fat on this diet??!!! I couldn't wrap my brain around it, but I was very intrigued! And of course started researching it immediately!! To my surprise, all the science and research made perfect sense, so I started learning and perfecting the ketogenic lifestyle.

Through trial and error and using myself as a guinea pig, I started crafting a customized Keto wellness plan that I could easily incorporate into my busy life.

Within a few months, I shed the excess weight that I was carrying, I had more energy, my focus improved, I slept better, my skin got clearer, my stress levels dramatically decreased and to my surprise—my autoimmune disease went into remission!!! Once my co-workers, family and friends noticed my transformation, they wanted to know my secret. So I began enlightening them on what I was eating, when I was eating and the science behind why it worked. They started following my proprietary Keto plan and saw amazing results too!

Check out these pictures of my husband and Myself.

The one on the right is from us 10 years ago. The one on the left is us now.

Clean Keto Lifestyle Before and After Photo.

Don't let those smiles fool you!

At this time in our lives, we were both inflamed, carrying excess pounds, constantly tired and also battling debilitating symptoms from our respective medical conditions. We didn't know what being healthy felt like or how good we could actually feel.

Fast forward to today!

We are leaner, happier, and most importantly finally free of our medical issues! We are truly living our BEST LIVES! It is possible!

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