WHAT TO EAT on the keto Diet

Fresh, cleaN, nutrient-dense fats, proteins & vegetables.

The Ketogenic diet has a perception that it is a fad diet, Atkins 2.0, or a diet void of veggies and just full of meat and cheese. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth and I am on a mission to change that perception. 

My philosophy is simple, elevating the importance of your health is the absolute best thing you can do to not only be happier, but to also lose weight and improve your overall wellness. So I develop plans that are based on proven nutritional science and my understanding of your body’s chemistry and how it functions, with a nod to our ancestral beginnings. 

Trust me, our hunter-gatherer ancestors weren’t walking around slurping on a Big Gulp and eating chicken nuggets. Instead, they were eating fresh vegetables from the land, hunting and eating wild game, and drinking water. This is how are bodies were designed to eat and perform at their best!

My Keto programs don’t include any processed foods, are full of vegetables and have a big emphasis on the quality of the food you are eating.

Also, Keto is also associated with tedious macro counting, which is a total pain and just too much restriction for most people. So I teach my clients easy ways to do Keto without the painstaking macro tracking. I have simple meal formulas that my clients follow and they begin to learn intuitively how to make Keto eating work for them. It is so powerful and a client favorite! It is unlike any other Keto program out there! It is designed by a woman, for a woman and it works!

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