As your personal health coach, my mission will be to help you achieve optimum health and live your BEST LIFE. My coaching will provide you with a deep level of ketogenic nutrition information combined with a customized approach for the optimal lifestyle changes for your specific needs. I will act as the catalyst for change in your life and enable you to accomplish your health and life goals. Working with me will result in high level wellness for the rest of your life.

I specifically tailor each keto coaching program to your needs and goals. I give you all the tools that you need to achieve success including nutrition plans, exercise programs, stress management tools and much more! I will guide you along your journey and be with you each step of the way as a solid support system. My coaching programs will set you on a path to vibrant health, satisfaction and VITALITY.  What are you waiting for? This is where VITALITY begins, let's go!

I help women who are tired of hating what they see in the mirror or don’t have the energy to enjoy their life to reclaim control and take charge of their health so they can look and feel like a million dollars.
— Karissa, Global Heath Coach and Ketogenic Expert


This program is designed to help you make positive changes to the way you live including your nutrition, exercise, mental wellbeing, and stress management. It will set you up for success and is perfect for a keto beginner or someone looking to jumpstart their weight loss results!


Vibrant Health - 6 Month Program

This program helps you navigate the world of contradictory keto nutrition advice to determine what is right for you through the concept of bio-individuality—because each person has unique food and lifestyle needs. We will fine tune your macros and understand what lifestyle changes can be made to ensure long lasting results.


ultimate vitality - 12 month program

MOST POPULAR! This is the ultimate program in terms of holistic wellness.  This program will truly heal your body from the inside out. We will assess your diet, your lifestyle, your stressors, your relationships, and your daily responsbilites. Then come up with sustainable lifestyle changes to enable you to achieve ULTIMATE VITALITY!