Time Management For A Healthy Lifestyle


5 Foolproof Tips To Be A Time Management Pro

As a Global Health Coach, I work with my amazing clients to help them find a balance across competing activities in order to accomplish their health goals. Taking on too much or simply not knowing how to manage time efficiently not only results in stress, but it also results in de-prioritizing your health and diet.  Being able to manage time is essential for a healthy body and mind!!

Here are my top Time Management Tips:


"No" is a complete sentence. Feel empowered to say "no" to tasks/events that don't bring you joy or that you simply don't want to do!  Don't feel like you have to give an excuse or reason. Unless taking responsibility for a specific task is truly important to you, say "no" to things that you feel pressured to do by your boss, friends or family. Instead, focus on activities that you enjoy and that will enhance your health and personal development.  


Plan your schedule before your week starts and make sure all the tasks you include are realistic. Do not strive for perfection, remember that nobody is perfect. Instead, strive for excellence and do not worry about things that you simply cannot handle or control. Make sure to schedule in your work, as well as grocery shopping, laundry, errands, cooking, exercise, relaxation time and SLEEP! Having a realistic and health-promoting schedule each week gives you a blueprint to follow each day in order to keep focused and stay on track.


Each morning take 5 minutes to create this list and note which items are the most important and time sensitive and which ones you can put off for later. You can do this by color coding, for example "red" needs to get done right away, "orange" is next, and "yellow" is last. 

After completing each task, be sure to cross it off the list. This will keep you motivated and feeling accomplished.  Also, there is tremendous power and gratification in crossing something off your "To-Do" list!

There are certain tasks and errands that you can combine for more time efficiency. Examples include:

  • When making a meal, make more than one serving. Eat one serving now and save the rest for later. That way, you won't have to spend time cooking more than once a day. 

  • When planning your day, determine what errands you have to run. Then see if you can get all these errands done in one trip.


Limit the time you spend watching TV or surfing the internet. For my clients, I encourage them to finish an important task first and then do something to reward themselves. Try to work in intervals: work for 60-90 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. It is so easy for minutes/hours to pass while scrolling through your social media feeds so I always have my clients set a timer for 10 minutes to ensure they know when to stop. 


This is an obvious and extremely important tip!! Having the ability to keep track of your time is the KEY to being a time management pro. I recommend keeping a time log. How much time do you actually spend on accomplishing important tasks? How much time do you spend on time wasting activities? Once you figure out that ratio, try to change your habits to match a more productive – and therefore less stressful – lifestyle. 

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Karissa Long