Keto Super Bowl Appetizer Round Up


How To “Win” Over Your Tribe With Tasty Keto Dishes

You may have this conversation with friends or family when you begin a ketogenic diet.

You: “I’m starting a ketogenic diet”.

Friend or family member: “What’s that”?

You: “The ketogenic diet converts your body’s fuel source to fat rather than carbohydrates. By eating a diet consisting of primarily fats, moderate amounts of protein, and small amounts carbohydrates, your body becomes a fat-burning machine.”

Friend or family member: “I couldn’t live without carbs, good luck”.

A week later, your friend and/or family members are over for dinner and you serve them a keto appetizer, main course option and dessert. They are astounded at how amazing everything tastes and let you know they don’t miss the carbs, because everything is delicious. Bingo!

While not everyone in your inner circle needs to be on a keto diet for you to succeed, it can be fun to introduce them to your favorite recipes. Doing so may help you feel integrated into the world of eating rather than isolated from it. Guests and family members may also be so surprised at your level of success, they will opt in and join you. The more the merrier!

I love making keto dishes for brunch, lunch, main courses, and desserts. I also bring keto appetizers to parties and they are always a big hit! The serving tray rarely has a crumb left. This Sunday is a perfect time to bring an amazing keto appetizer to your Super Bowl party and wow all the guests! Plus, you will have keto-friendly dishes to munch on during the game!


Try this one for a Super Bowl crowd-pleasers: How To “Win” Over Your Tribe With Tasty Keto Dishes Recipe and

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